Next Launch Update!


I’m sitting in tonight working on the packing design for the new 30ml bottle. I’ve had so many requests since I launched for a smaller size and it’s finally happening!

When I launched two years ago I didn’t want a box because the violet glass bottle is stunning and I didn’t want to hide it but i’m using a box this time because it makes it a lot easier to ship and it will look great when it launches in stores (It's amazing what you learn from practical experience eh?).

I’m also using a pipette this time instead of the pump because it makes it easier to use if you want to add a few drops to the bath or if you like to mix your oil with your foundation (great for getting that youthful glow).

I’m hoping to have everything finished just before Christmas and the 30ml bottle online in the New Year! Exciting!

I’ll post a pic of the final designs once they’re finished too so you can have a sneak peek :)

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend,

Sinead <3