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Designed as one for all nourishment for all skin types and divine on all ages & genders, One Therapy is a multi-use moisturiser made from 100% cold pressed, food grade organic oils that heal from head to toe.

Our luxurious, targeted oil uses the transformational power of essential oils to stimulate skin function and optimise healing.

We mix in small batches and create consciously in a way that’s kind to mother earth and completely cruelty free.

just four


One Therapy is a bend of four food grade organic essential oils, Poured in tiny batches, we use only the purist, most nutrient-dence ingredients possible.

Ylang Ylang Canaga Odorata flower oil

Derived from the flowers of the Cananga tree, this asensual and uplifting oil has been used as a skin and hair treatment for centuries.

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Our story

Our story began when our founder, former Savvy Shopper Sinead Van Kampen, jaded by beauty marketing and with far too many products on her bathroom shelf, set out to create her desert island product that would offer one for all nourishment for face, body & hair. She wanted a holy grail product that would nourish skin and hair without harmful chemicals and would have a multitude of uses.

Using her kitchen as her lab she researched and sourced ingredients to find the perfect natural nourishment that would work on all skin types. Two years later, One Therapy was born.

Since launch, One Therapy has been profiled by both the national and international media, featuring in The Daily Mail, The Times, Image and The Beauty Shortlist.


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